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Wealth Management Services Reimagined
Customer Onboarding
Customer profiling based in Behavioral Finance
Online Linkedin pre-loaded customer details
Portfolio Management
Advisory portfolios Based on your Client’s Interests
Tax Smart Investments and Dynamic Rebalancing
Customer Communications
Automated Notifications Approvals and Reporting
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Process Ready
Customizable to your Needs
Open Architecture Algorithm Customizable by your Experts
Expert Syndication
International Expert Strategy & Algorithm Library

WHAT CAN wealthHive Do for you
wealthHIVE provides a modern integrated wealth management solution that Financial Institutions and advisors can customize to their needs.

Automate: From customer on-boarding to investment planning and execution, wealthHIVE provides ready made components that you can reuse as is or customize and rebrand to your needs.

Modernize: Why not pre-fill customer profiles with Linkedin public profile data? Why not provide automated alerts and process approvals via WhatsApp? wealthHIVE will help you leverage social media and modern communication platforms to make customer interactions easy.

Scale: Automation will enable you to on-board and service more customers and scale by lowering barriers of entry.

Personalize: Enpower your experts and your clients to create "out of the box" customized dynamic portfolios, structured by brands they like and being ‘’in synch’’ with the market.

Deployment and Connectivity

Cloud Based Single Tenant: The wealthHIVE application and data reside in the cloud but in a dedicated server infrustructure for each customer. Only customer designated users and administrator have access to the data.

Microsoft Office 365 Integrated: Fully integrated with your Microsoft Office 365 deployment leveraging your existing user directory with single sign-on and user managementcapability. Integrated workfolows using familir tools like Outlook and Sharepoint.